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Modern battery packs are so ubiquitous that they are found in almost every device, gadget, car, aerospace, satellite, power tool, drone, and even military equipment. The central concept is chemical energy converting electrical energy and three ingredients; Cathode, Electrolyte, and Anode.

Although battery technology is about two hundred years old, it has undergone various changes over the years. We have seen battery technologies, including lead-acid, gel cell battery, AGM battery, Alkaline battery, Nickel Cadmium battery, etc. We now have the latest version of battery technology: the 48v lithium battery pack, the most advanced type of electrical storage container.

Why Lithium Battery:

Lithium battery technology has received attention after Japanese researchers discovered outstanding features that distinguish lithium technology from others. It was in the 1990s when research work on lithium batteries received the attention of commercial manufacturers. The LiFePo4 battery is a combination of metal, oxygen, graphite, and lithium alloy. Lithium converts to a good cathode when it generates energy, and during the charging process, ions switch to a fine anode. The following are the advantages a lithium battery has over its counterparts:

High power density:

Lithium battery has a very high power density level, which makes them easy and smooth in design. On average, 1 KG of a lithium battery can be six times the current of a lead-acid battery. That is why lithium batteries are lightweight and easy to operate without the support of others.

Low Memory Effect:

The effect of memory comes from batteries due to slow discharge followed by a charging cycle. This dramatically affects the memory of the battery as the batteries forget the charging status. The lead-acid battery has the worst memory effect, at 20%. By comparison, lithium batteries have the lowest battery life globally, at less than 5%, making battery packs more efficient.

Extended Life Cycle:

The Life Cycle is one of the essential things in the battery world as it tells us about the lifetime of battery units. The life cycle is to discharge battery power and complete charging. In general, a lead-acid battery has a low life cycle value. The lithium-ion battery has very high life cycles, with thousands of life cycles on average and years of service.

No Maintenance:

Lead-Acid batteries require continuous testing and air storage as well. In the case of an acid-filled battery, one needs to check the refill requirements for regular water. There are no such requirements in lithium battery packs as there is no acid or gel smoke.

Deep Output Level:

The release rate is another concern for battery users as it is the amount of battery we can use to run electrical appliances. Lead-acid batteries and AGM batteries have a discharge rate of 50%, i.e., if you have a lead-acid battery of 100amh, it means you can get a 50amh discharge limit from that. Anything more than that can trigger the sulfation process, which has adverse effects on battery life. Lithium battery has the most advanced discharge rate in the battery world. You can get about 90% of the total capacity of lithium battery packs and up to 100% in some cases.

Why Deep Cycle Systems:

Deep Cycle Systems specializes in the production of highly accurate lithium batteries. They have worked for the Australian energy market for years with high-quality products and high quality. Their 48v lithium battery pack is best for 48v home systems or EVs and RVs. Their batteries have passed quality tests set by various TQM agencies.

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