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Buy Brand New Dual Axle Trailer Brisbane for Heavy Loads

Australia has a population of over 25 million, while the majority of the population lives around the eastern coastal side. The scattered population needs a continuous supply of goods from the daily walk of life. Brisbane is also an eastern city and is the biggest city in Queensland. Brisbane has over 2.6 million populations while there are around 3 million vehicle populations. Here the role of Dual Axle Trailer Brisbane is crucial to maintain the demand and supply of the city and the entire state. As a transporter, you might look to buy a dual axle trailer to increase your business or for domestic purposes.

Dual Axle Trailer Brisbane for Cars

You might think that dual axel trailers are only driven by heavy-duty trucks. Modern dual axle trailers can also carry via personal vehicles, i.e. cars, SUVs etc. These trailers are also known as Builder Trailers or Tradesman Trailers. The tradesman trailers meet the demands of any craftsman. These trailer types include enclosed trailers to trailers with retractable lids and canopies. To meet your needs, the builder trailers are available in single axle tandem axle variants.

Economy of Queensland

The second biggest state in Australia has an area of nearly 1.8 million square kilometres. Transportation, along with mining and the service sector, is a prominent industry. Following the establishment of maritime ports, a road network, and a rail network, the economy grew rapidly. According to data, the largest city, Brisbane, has a population of roughly 2.6 million people, with a car population of more than 3 million.

Need for Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers are an important part of many transportation businesses. You just need to move large things swiftly and easily, whether you operate in agriculture or construction. If you want to make money hauling with a utility trailer or if you’re an agricultural worker who needs the trailer to get around on the farm, you may search the Internet for both used and new utility trailers.

Trailer Design Customisation for you

When selecting a dual axle tradesman trailer, think about where your entrance points will be! And if you’ll need a lift-up door, drop ramp, or side swing door. It will also assist in evaluating the type and size of tools you want to keep, as well as how you want to access them. Consider the needed load rating ATM for your trailer based on your trade. You should ask the manufacturer to include a checker plate floor, five leaf springs, guards with gussets and long drawbars that can reach the spring hangers. The lift-up doors should feature gas struts which is mainly a basic feature. Further, you can also look for options, including ladder racks and flush drop-down T-Locks.

The Dual Axle Trailer Brisbane comes with the following standard dimensions:

    • 7 * 4
    • 7 * 5
    • 8 * 5
    • 8 * 6
    • 9 * 5
    • 9 * 6
    • 10 * 5
    • 10 * 6

Optional Features you can have for your Tandem trailer could be:

Upgrade to zinc annealed side panels, doors, and roof to give further corrosion protection

Durra gal chassis and galvanised floor are recommended

    • Suspension upgrade to rocker rollers
    • Switch to electronic brakes
    • Durra gal chassis and galvanised floor are recommended
    • Jockey wheel and spare wheel
    • Sunrise wheels and light truck tyres are brand new
    • The floor is made of a 3 mm checker plate
    • Box for compressors
    • Basket made of mesh
    • Workbenches on the side
    • Internal storage rack
    • Door seals made of rubber
    • Racks for ladders
    • Upgrade the axle and hubs to accommodate 4wd wheels and tyres

Truth about Wheels

One should be aware of the fact that the trailer manufacturers use second-hand tyres and wheels as a standard. Though new wheels and tyres are also available, you have to pay for upgradation.

Maximum Load of Trailer

The weight of the trailer without brakes is 750 KG. It is the gross vehicle mass is the total weight of the trailer along with cargo. A trailer with 1000 to 2000 KG GVM require front axle brakes. Further, trailers above 2000 KG weight should have four-wheel electronic brakes along with the breakaway switch.

Dual Axle Trailer Financing Option

Finance could be a great concern for you as you may require to invest heavily to purchase the trailer. You can check with the manufacturer whether they are offering any financing option. Using ezipay, one can purchase the product and can pay later. Check with the manufacturer to get further details.

Best Dual Axle Trailer Manufacturer

Austrailers Queensland is a leading name in Australia that manufactures trailers in different varieties. They are a registered manufacturer and merchant who follow the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and the Australian Design Rules.Austrailers Queensland can design and produce all varieties of conventional box and custom-designed trailers, whether for regular residential use, tradesman’s tools, motor cars, machinery, or animals. Austrailers sells directly to the public from Clontarf in Queensland, as well as to the wholesale market. Quality and client satisfaction is guaranteed as one of the trailer industry’s leaders.
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