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Benefits Of Holter Monitor Test Sydney

Holter monitor test Sydney is a heart monitor that records your heart’s activity for 24 or 48 hours. If you have an irregular heartbeat or palpitations, but the ECG does not detect anything, a heart monitor can help diagnose the problem. You wear the Holter monitor during your daily activities.

An arrhythmia is a condition that shows unusual heart rhythm, that is, when your heart bounces, circulates or moves too slowly. Suppose you have been diagnosed with this condition or are at high risk of developing it. In that case, your doctor may suggest that you wear a Holter monitor for several days to monitor your heart rate during your routine tasks or hospitalization.Cardiologists Drummoyne

What is a Holter monitor test Sydney?

The Holter monitor is a portable ECG-like device that continuously monitors and records the heart rate. It is a small, battery-powered device that is easy to carry, such as a shoulder bag, around your neck like a camera, attached with a strap or carried in a pocket. The monitor continuously records your heart activity; usually, one to two days is recommended.

When Does a Doctor Recommend a Holter Monitor?

The Holter monitoring test is usually performed when the electrocardiogram report does not provide enough information about the condition of the heart.

An electrocardiogram is a traditional test in which electrodes are attached to the chest to monitor and measure the movement of electrical signals, such as waves, through your heart. These signals direct the heart to contract and pump blood. As a short-term test, the electrocardiogram sometimes does not detect cardiac irregularities, especially intermittent forms of arrhythmia. These irregularities can lead to serious consequences, such as a heart attack or stroke.

How is a Holter Monitor Placed?

Holter’s monitor consists of small wires that connect the monitor into fields called electrodes, which are about the size of coins. The electrodes are attached to your chest. Sometimes additional tape is needed to prevent patches from falling off.

The technician of the Holter monitor will then connect the electrodes to the recording device and provide you with a set of instructions for managing the device. At your next appointment, the doctor will download the information recorded on the device and deliver the results to you within a week. The recorded results are compared with your symptom diary to diagnose any heart problems.

How do you Prepare Yourself for a Holter Monitor Procedure?

If your healthcare provider advises you to go through Holter monitoring, the device will be delivered and installed during the scheduled appointment. Once the device is installed, you can continue your daily activities. It should always be worn, even before bedtime. You can hide electrodes and wires under clothing, and the recorder can be worn with a strap or attached to a strap.

Once the Holter monitor test Sydney is available, you will receive instructions and safety precautions on how to use the monitor, including:

  • Keep the device dry when starting monitoring
  • Replace batteries as needed
  • If you notice symptoms, press the monitor button
  • Keep a diary of each flag that occurred, with the date and time of the event

It is important to include any signs of palpitations, chest pain and changes in heart rate, dizziness, shortness of breath, missing heartbeat, or lightness in your diary. Your doctor may also provide a form where you can record your heart activity and related symptoms.

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